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A Brief History

Don-Michael and Andie met while serving on Active Duty in the U.S. Army.  They were both JAG attorneys, the bravest of all Soldiers by far.  Don-Michael was serving as the lead prosecutor for the extremely prestigious Army South.  Army South primarily planned imaginary drug raids with drunken Columbian Army officers.  Don-Michael's courageous JAG leader was Lieutenant Colonel Daniel Saumur, a thin, bespectacled worm with bad posture and an intense need for Don-Michael's approval.  The term "worm" is not intended to be degrading.  He was an actual, earth-variety worm, and it was unclear what kind of medical waiver he received to join the the Army, which is almost entirely made of humans.  This worm was heartsick with love for Don-Michael, smitten with Don-Michael's absolutely, always inappropriate wit, as were all men and 12% of women.  

Andie arrived at Don-Michael's unit having just bravely served in Afghanistan.  She was a striking war hero, at 4'11", with a fire-red bobbed haircut and a complete inability to wear her uniform correctly, salute at the right times, or remember not to ask every superior and subordinate alike, "Umm... what am I supposed to be doing right now?"  

They could not help but fall in love.  And they created out of Play Doh a small, angry dictator named Lily Nova.  And they made a family with this dictator and her older, half-sibling, a bigger and better dictator named Lauren Nouvel.